As the oldest girl in a family of 12 children, I started bossing people around from the seat of my tricycle.

I thought I had all the answers. That is, until illness and tragic deaths struck my own family. Suddenly, all my hard-won healing powers as a successful psychotherapist, teacher, author, and energy psychology pioneer couldn’t help me. Even religion failed me.

I went on a search for truth. I read everything I could get my hands on, from esoteric teachings to modern courses on healing and spirituality. My quest led me to a spiritual Master, Her Holiness Sai Maa. Finally, someone could answer my questions.

What I didn’t expect? Maa challenged me to face the fear lurking beneath the bossy, know-it-all facade I had lived behind my entire life.

For years as her student, I resisted. But eventually Sai Maa’s powerful love won out. My defenses crumbled, and I found a terrified child part of myself in need of healing. What evolved from our work together was a profoundly better version of me, as a healer, a wife, a sister, a mother, and a friend. Eventually I was leading programs for healers around the world.


Then my world really fell apart.

Even though I was busy answering emails and saving the world, I somehow managed to fit in a long-overdue mammogram.

Breast Cancer.

Are you kidding me? After all the work I’ve done to heal the split off parts of me? The shame and helplessness took me to my knees. I sobbed for months.

I knew: If I didn’t dive deep into those dark waters, I wouldn’t be able to find my way through this.

I came face-to-face with a frightened young woman part of myself which I had forced into hiding. No wonder I had been so insanely driven to be strong and capable.

I made peace with her, and brought her home. This shifted everything.


Your life is calling.

You have gifts to offer, and you came here for a reason. Even though you’re a leader, maybe you just can’t seem to make it all work. You hide your light or you blast your way through, and both are painful. Or you have an emptiness that nothing–not work, food, money, success–will fulfill.

If I can break free of the bonds that held me from the life of my wildest dreams, I know you can too.

I know the hiding places. And I am fearless enough to take you deep into your own dark waters to reclaim the parts you left behind … and lovingly guide you back.

Let’s do this. Together.

energy of belief
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Professional Bio

For over two decades, Mary Sise has been a leading voice in advancing the field of energy psychology. In addition to being traditionally trained as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Mary integrates energy psychology methods into her practice and has trained hundreds of clinicians in these methods. She has earned her Diplomate in Comprehensive Energy Psychology.

Mary has pioneered methodologies and techniques and created The Soul Weaving Process. She has also advocated for expanded clinical understanding of the integral interrelationship of the mind, body, and spirit in the healing paradigm. She presents at conferences and develops training and course work especially in the areas of releasing negative beliefs, healing trauma and dissociation, and the role and responsibilities of the healer.

In 2007, Mary co-authored the book, The Energy of Belief: Psychology’s Power Tools to Focus Intention & Release Blocking Beliefs. This is a self-help book for the general public to learn how to use the energy psychology method of Touch and Breathe (TAB). In 2020, Mary wrote the Amazon bestseller Tapping the Panic Out of Pandemic, a no-nonsense guide for navigating uncertain times.

Mary is also Past President of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, the international professional organization dedicated to training, research and humanitarian work.

Mary maintains a private practice in Albany, NY.

Review Mary’s Curriculum Vitae here.